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SciGlob Sun Photometer

This modular, remote sensing system was originally developed for monitoring
atmospheric trace gases but can be used in any application requiring automated
hyperspectral operations in the field or laboratory. SciGlob's Sun Photometer fiber
couples a hyperspectral spectrometer with a programmable microcontroller and two-axis
tracker two provide an automated, configurable, and ethernet accessible (where WiFi or
hard-line ethernet is available) scientific research tool.

A Windows(TM)-based laptop coordinates all system functions and activites. Solar, lunar,
and/or stellar ephemeris can be loaded in order to automatically tracker objects in the sky
for observations. Automated observation schedules can be created by the user for
customizable and repeatible measurement programs.

The spectrometer is housed in a specialized control box in order to maintain its
temperature to within one degree Centigrade for radiometric and spectral stability. The
entire electronics package, spectrometer (with temperature control box), and laptop and
contained in a larger, weather proof container. This outer container is sized such that it
can fit all of the other support components of the instrument for shipment and be
transported with the user on a plane as checked luggage.

Click on the Sun Photometer Brochure for more detailed specifications.
We offer two standard system configurations:

Sun and Sky
This sun photometer has enhanced sensitivity to make direct sun, lunar, and diffuse sky radiance
measurements. Coupled with the proper retrieval algorithms, these observations contain information on
total column Ozone, Nitrogen Dioxide, Bromine Oxide, and Formaldehyde. Almacantar and principal
plane measurements are also possible, permitting profile measurements of Nitrogen Dioxide.

Direct Sun+ Camera
Unstable, moving platforms require fast tracking adjustments. Coupled with the SciGlob HSN2+Camera
head sensor, this configuration of the sun photometer can be used in these dynamic environments. The
high speed camera provides real-time feedback of pointing adjustments to the tracking software while
looking at the sun. Platforms such as maritime ships, aircraft, and other moving platforms with
accessible views of the sun would benefit from this system.