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SciGlob Head Sensors

These compact, rugged units can serve as the foreoptics for nearly any modular optical
system. The weather-proof aluminum housing is mounted on a two-axis alt/az tracker as
part of the SciGlob Sun Photometer system, the head sensor contains focusing optics,
spectral bandpass filters, neutral density filters, and polarizers to enhance direct sun,
almacantar, and principal plane measurements.

A programmable microcontroller communicates via RS232 with a control laptop in order to
operate the filterwheel(s) while simultaneously commanding the dedicated tracker to point
to nearly any location in the sky or at the ground. The unit can commanded to
automatically track any celestial objects (day or night) based on pre-programmed
ephemeris and to start and stop observations based on time or solar zenith angle.

Our design is geared towards coupling to fiber optics but they can be modified to suit
customer needs. For example, the basic head sensor design comes with one entrance
aperture and light path. However, there is sufficient room in the head sensor for a second
entrance aperture that can be used for a second light path to fiber coupling or a compact
camera for situational awareness.

Contact us to let us know how we can make this work for you!
All of our standard head sensor designs include microcontroller, RS232 communication, fused silica
optics, 1.5 degree field of view, SMA fiber connector, focusing optics optimized at the observation
wavelengths. Filters are not included unless the head sensor is purchased as part of the Sun Photometer
system. Our standard models are:

Two, nine position filterwheels with 0.5" inner diameter holes.
Single aperture with anti-reflection coated fused silica window.

HSN2 - 2
Two, nine position filterwheels with 0.5" inner diameter holes.
Dual, boresighted apertures with anti-reflection coated fused silica windows.

HSN2 + Camera
Two, nine position filterwheels with 0.5" inner diameter holes.
Two apertures covered with fused silica windows. One aperture allows fiber coupled viewing through filterwheels while second aperture channels
light to USB-based camera for dynamic real-time tracker control or sky conditions monitoring.