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SciGlob Sun Photometer

This modular, remote sensing system was originally developed for monitoring
atmospheric trace gases but can be used in any application requiring automated
hyperspectral operations in the field or laboratory. SciGlob's Sun Photometer fiber
couples a hyperspectral spectrometer with a programmable microcontroller and two-axis
tracker two provide an automated, configurable, and ethernet accessible (where WiFi or
hard-line ethernet is available) scientific research tool.

This sensor has been deployed in multiple measurement campaigns around the world,
including NASA's KORUS AQ, DISCOVER-AQ mission, NASA's BrO Campaign in
Fairbanks Alaska Spring 2011, CINDI in Cabauw,The Netherlands Summer 2009,
DANDELIONS in Cabauw,The Netherlands Fall 2006, and other locations such as Greece,
Finland, Spain, and the US.
SciGlob Head Sensors

These compact, rugged units can serve as the foreoptics for nearly any modular optical
system. The weather-proof aluminum housing is mounted on a two-axis alt/az tracker as
part of the SciGlob Sun Photometer system, the head sensor contains focusing optics,
spectral bandpass filters, neutral density filters, and polarizers to enhance direct sun,
almacantar, and principal plane measurements.