Pandora Tracker

Dual Access Tracker

Pandora Tracker

 The Dual Access Tracker is traditionally used with the Pandora Spectrometer System, but its adaptable to a wide range of remote sensing applications. The tracker employs high precision motors with absolute mechanical encoders for accurate positioning of the optical sensor.  

The new sun tracking system is equipped with state of the art motors operating in closed loop mode, capable of achieving highly accurate positioning of larger inertia loads. The motor controller allows for easy networking and simplified multi-axis control with RS-485 Communication protocol. The tracker is designed for continuous operation and can handle sudden load fluctuations during high wind events.

Side Top Angle

It has the capability of completing a full rotation in both the zenith and azimuthal directions with precision 0.01 and rotation speed of up 1200 degree/second. Programmable current and speed will allow the system to handle torques of up to 1.48Nm. Both axes are equipped with electromagnetic brakes to protect the system in the case of power loss. 

The tracker is housed in a weatherized aluminum enclosure, and can be equipped with an internal heating element for operation in colder environments.

Optional tripod provides a secure base on which to mount the tracker and is well suited for most applications, however custom mounting options can be accommodated.


For the more extreme climates the Field Deployable housing can be customized to suit your needs. The 5U Rack Mount configuration fits in a standard 48cm (19”) computer server rack for those situations where the system is housed in a trailer or lab. The Rack Mount is thermally stabilized with easy to open access panels for maintenance. Both systems provide the same quality optical performance and remote access capabilities when coupled to the Pandora 1S Head Sensor and Sun Tracker.